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Spring Fling at The Green Room 42

"What we are talking about here is one of the most beautiful women you are ever going to look at in person with one of the most beautiful voices you are ever going to hear, live or otherwise. It's like someone took Ava Gardner, Sharon Tate, and Madeleine Stowe, threw in the voice of a siren, mixed and baked 'til the timer went off, and there was Zoë Van Tieghem. There are times when the experience of listening to Zoë Van Tieghem sing is surprising, sometimes really surprising." - Stephen Mosher, BroadwayWorld

City Sounds at Birdland

“A modern Elizabeth Taylor with an edge, singing theater and jazz with intelligence, sass and a probing moodiness.” - Melissa Errico


Near Vicksburg

"But, it is Zoë Van Tieghem’s performance that awed me, she is a child when she enters the cave, precocious and sometimes obnoxious, as she calls out for “momma” in her higher register, but she discovers her power as a woman while struggling to survive, it is an almost unbearable blossoming to watch; suddenly she is aware of the dangers, and when dealing with a one-arm soldier that temporarily takes shelter with them, she is even turned on by the danger.  This is not your mother’s southern belle."  - Montserrat Mendez


"Zoë Van Tieghem plays Echo with a calm, self-assured manner needed to convince the audience that she can bridge the gap between her mother and grandmother. The character of Echo is strong and Van Tieghem has the determination and perseverance to make it happen." - Karen Nowosad, ShowScore

Photos by Walls Trimble

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